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Meet the Team

Irina I.

Head of Creative Design

From setup, theme, all the way to activities, Irina is the director of our special events. With a passion for design and an emphasis on detail, she makes sure that everyone experiences the best that we can offer.

Joseph N.

Head of Operations

With over 10+ years of experience, there’s no other person for the job. Joseph will be with you from the start to make sure everything is running perfectly.

Sona Z.

Head of Marketing

Young, enthusiastic, and an absolute natural at anything she does. Sona has every host and guest feeling welcomed and relaxed through the entire process.

Our Story

It all started with an idea. An event venue built around the comfort of the event host and guests, not the hall. What if we could not only fulfill but also surpass every one of our clients’ expectations?

We’ve been on every side of the table in the event industry. Whether it be the host, the guest, the event planner, the staff, etc., yet we always felt that things could be done a little better. There always seemed to be something lacking. So we decided to switch it up.

Enter Aurora. The name inspired the design and set ideas into motion. We put together a list of things that venues offer and a list of things that they should offer. Immediately we noticed that we had a pretty long checklist on our hands.

Not a fan of yelling speakers at events? We’ll create an in-house sound system that projects only onto the dance floor.

Want to personalize your event? We’ll install an interactive projector with unique visuals, custom designs, and personalization.

Need a break after that wedding photoshoot? We built a bridal suite just for you and your party.

These are just a few of the things we chose to take action on.

Why the name "Aurora"?

When we first started planning the layout of our banquet hall, we needed to come up with an idea that we can all gather around. For that we needed a name, not just “event venue”, “restaurant”, or “banquet hall”. We needed something different. 

Something more. Something that catches the elegance and fragility of design yet leaves an everlasting impression on our guests.

What else would be more fitting than Aurora?

Based off of the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis), we all agreed that it was the perfect fit. From that very moment, everything else seemed to fall into place. The design scheme of Aurora Banquet Hall is one based off of the gentle harmony between beauty and comfort. Our iconic lights are based off of the surreal wave-like solar flares created in nature. We strive to build the same level of relaxation and enjoyment in both our service and our banquet hall.

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