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Our Story

Aurora began in 2018 where it was purchased from former Flamingo owners and renovated. The venue went under an extensive inside and out renovation which lasted approximately 3 years. With the help of expert interior designers, architects, and sound engineers we were able to create the perfect hall. Something that was versatile enough to change and make unique, but something which was composed of many details, whether it be physical decor or technological. We made sure to create something that exceeds the expectations of our most demanding customers, yet be extremely simple to plan events in.

Our Team



Irina is in charge of the setup, decor, theme, and activity planning. With years of experience in event planning and venue design, Irina is the perfect person to make sure everything from decor to the color theme of the dancefloor is flowing with your event theme. She is relentless in her pursuit of the newer and better while cherishing the timeless and traditional aspects of design and decor.



Joseph has turned his industry experience and know-how into an art. His personal touch and involvement with the staff and our clients put him at the heart of the business. Joseph’s attention to our staff member’s needs and problems, allows him to always make improvements in operations which leads to better quality service and food. Joseph believes in the philosophy that happy employees meet happy customers.



Sona understands public relations and the importance of meeting and surpassing our client’s expectations. Whether it’s working with hosts or dealing with guests, Sona finds solutions to problems. Besides these functions, Sona works on marketing and stays up to date with future trends. She helps keep our food, design, and venue up to date and relevant.

Our Values

commitment to customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. This fact is reflected


Quality means paying attention to small details and doing a great job even when no one may see it


We are committed to being the best and staying the best, by coming up with fresh ideas to accommodate our customer’s ever changing needs.


Passion breeds quality, because when you love what you do, it becomes easier to do your job well


We believe in building relationships with our customers. The bedrock to long lasting relationships is trust

Name Story

In the months prior to founding Aurora, our entire team began the process of coming up with a name to fit our vision and design goals. The name would be the seed which would begin blossoming and giving us direction when we needed to decide how to set up lights or what type of décor to choose. After long consideration, we chose the name Aurora. The name Aurora comes from Aurora Borealis which refers to the northern lights. The northern lights represent something extraordinary and special while being completely natural and harmonious. Many people from around the world gather to see this sight and enjoy its beauty. While we still believe that the beauty of the northern lights cannot be matched, we have tried very hard to incorporate it into our design and ambiance. For example, our iconic lights are based on the surreal wave-like solar flares created in nature. Just like the northern lights many thousands of people have come to Aurora to enjoy a night share its beauty with their guests. Without people both Aurora and the northern lights cannot be enjoyed, hence the reason why the main and most important design element of our venue is the people who fill it with their positive energy.

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